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EDIT: Lineart Done

Why I did this? :(

Twins OCs.

Twins OCs.


First day of holidays~~ I can finish the giveaway prizes now , sorry for the delay ´o`;
But there you have an Ayano with KanoKitty

First day of holidays~~ I can finish the giveaway prizes now , sorry for the delay ´o`;

But there you have an Ayano with KanoKitty

"FanBook Project" is OPEN!


Hello fandom! I’m mitsukouchiha, and if you have seen this entry, now here you have the official blog for the project!! Thanks from the team for sharing the entry, we’ve received a lot of questions of artist interested!! Now we’ll solve any problem here in this blog ^^

All the info you need is in the sections “About the FanBook" and "Do you want to participate?" but as a summary: we need a total of 30 artist chosen by voting to participate in! Read the rules of how to do it and send your works to the admi before 1st August!

Don’t forget to ask here if you have any question about it, thanks and good luck! <3     

Project: FanBook KAGEROU PROJECT West edition


 Hello KagePro fans over the world! Here I come to show you a purpose about something I’ve thinking about for a looong time. Do you remember the contest that Pixiv did the last summer to select the illustrations for this Anniversary FanBook? Well, now with motive of Mekakucity Actors, why not to do another fanbook with western artists? Just to prove that the fandom goes beyond Japan!

At the moment I count with the participation of this two great spanish artist,  Isaky and Bio, but we need a lot of more people! Becouse of that I do this announcement: If you are an artist and want to show your love for this fandom in a big project, or otherwise you’re a fan that want to enjoy of great art of your favofire character with this product made by fans for fans, just send me a note with your response, we want to know what do you think about this!

Probably, the selection for the artworks in the book will be selected by a contest by votation, we need to think about that yet, and the theme of the works wont allow any R-18 related (such as hentai, yaoi, yuri, etc) but maybe soft ecchi, shounen-ai or shoujo-ai is ok. And not only illustrations, mini-doujins or comics woulb be great too!

That’s all for now, remember, if you have any question you can send me a note or contact me by Twitter @Mitsuko_Uchiha or Facebook “Mitsuko Uchiha”! ^^

See ya and thanks for reading!

Anonymous sent: Do you think you would sell your pins online. They're amazing

Ahh Thank you!! You can buy them here !

artybritney sent: aaa I love your art and especially the kagepro fanart ;;w;; and the kagepro pins, by any chance if there's any leftovers or more, can you sell them online please? I really love and want them. if you can't then that's okay, I understand. uwu

Ahh thank you a lot!! ´///`

You can buy them here! 

Sorry if is expensive, the euro is more expensive than the dolar and when we change the euro into dolar the price increases :”’(